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Mr. Khursheed Aalam Kar

Chairman KIESGR

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As we know and understand that the World has become a global village almost in every possible manner. Be it Trade, Information Exchange or Education. Since the Competition in academic domains has of course become open therefore need of the hour is to introduce and promote innovative and trending techniques in academic fields. I would like to remind you all, irrespective of the places we come from, we have to be the part of open competition in order to secure a place for ourselves in a cutthroat competition. To do that we need to have the kind of exposure that would balance the lag that many of carry because of lack of appropriate exposure, economic constraints, up to the mark schooling or lack of proper guidance at the earliest stages of our academic Journey. I would like to further remind you that many students coming from very far flung areas may be very hard working and committed, however they might not essentially carry the level of confidence wherein they will have a self-belief to succeed at various competitive levels. So where do we go to compensate in order to be right up there. So here we are to extend our experience, skill and most importantly the intent to propel you in a way that you aspire to.

We at Kashmir Institute of Excellence offer you a specialised team with an experience of over 20 years in academic domain and competitive education. Team at KIE understands how to push you to the level next in case you are already doing well and how to build the self-belief to compete at the highest level in case you lack that Early Exposure due to varied reason as already mentioned. Kashmir Institute of Excellence famously known as K I E came into being in 2013 after collaborative efforts of founding Veterans. The Aim was to provide students a launch pad wherein they could realise their dreams and aspirations. As of now tens of thousands of students have been part of this initiative and have got that impetus that was required to set the success story of their Careers into motion. Talking about competitive examinations like IIT, JEE and NEET we have more than ______ number of selections to KIE’s Credit. I would like to emphasize here that Kashmir Institute of Excellence has offered a levelling ground to those students who come from distant areas and under privileged backgrounds. KIE has be instrumental in transforming them into real performing talents. As so many of them not only did well in competitive exams, but also went on to rank among toppers. I would like to extend my gratitude to team K I E, Students, Parents, our media partners and civil society, Who all have been instrumental in their own respect to make it possible to deliver Excellence in academic and moral arenas year after year. Education is something we admire and Excellence is something that we always live for.